Ok, my roommate just caught me sleeping sitting in my bed with the notebook on my lap.

I’m without sleep for more than 24 hrs and i don’t have a fucking clue why.

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Main life goal: Robert Downey Jr personality.

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do you think Jen got a new stylist? her looks (dress, hair, makeup, etc) has been so on point lately. makes me really excited for the MJ press tour!


Hey! I don’t know about a new stylist, but I have definitely noticed a change! I am very excited for the MJ press tour and all the premieres as well :)

I don’t think she changed stylist, a few days ago Rachel Zoe posted on her instagram a picture of her suit cases and stuff to work and in the front was the Vanity Fair November issue with Jen in the cover.

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Holding my breathing for a few secs, Jennifer, AMY POEHLER and Liz. Too much. *-*





Hank McCoy/Raven Darkholme

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'The adaptation of her novel “Dark Places” will hit theaters next year with Charlize Theron as Libby.'



serena script


don’t know if you’ve seen it (you probably have) found this first draft of the serena script thought you might want to post it since i know quite a few people have been looking for it  :) - submitted by ella-xo

ahh thank you, i’m sure many people will be happy to see this :) I feel like it was 1000 years ago that i first came across this script. Hopefully in 1000 more years time we may actually have the movie… or at least like the 2nd still……

wellroundedandpracticallyperfect shell, to your anon that was asking about serena’s script

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No, Perez, FUCK YOU!


Jen called you out, boo hoo. You trying to defend yourself again is just pathetic. Funny how you’re telling Jen to go fuck herself when you’re the one who did wrong. Sucks for you that people didn’t buy your bullshit apology, but posting another video venting about it is seriously embarrassing. 

He is just a waste of atoms. His argumentation is terrible, he gets confused on his own video, pulls the Kim K card to avoid the problem that is between him putting Jen’s photos only and only Jennifer even that other celebrities had leaked pictures in the first leak, tells her to fuck herself them ask sorry again, says he changed but doing what he did putting the pictures and even making this video just show how much he stays the same even wanting to buy fights he can’t simply own. This video is more a embarrassment for himself  than everything. He doesn’t give a fuck about the real deal of the situation that is sex crime and doesn’t put in her shoes to imagine just how painful that was for her. He is just trying to change the side to people feel sorry, but now even more is disgusting.

Yes Perez, you are your pass still, just in a fake new cover that makes you think you changed.

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On the new episode of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXIV they mention a lot of actors and singers like Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo Dicaprio,Taylor Swift, kayne West and then show the last image.

I think Jennifer is the one who is forming the O

and i thinking i couldn’t love more the treehouse of terror.


Run a blog about a couple that is no longer a couple is like being the kid of separeted parents, gezz.