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End of vacation and free time. But that never stopped me before.



For those who like bigger photos…

Master Post: Foonja Linings Playbook


Love Jen’s one especially. 

The post about silver linings so far!

American Horror Story: Freak Show

This way christmas will be here before october 8. ¬¬

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What Really Happened to 'Serena,' Starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence


Seems like Serena will make it’s US debut on February 26th (on VOD) and then the theatrical release on March 27th!

Also according to them, Serena was invited to TIFF, but Brad and Jen weren’t available so they declined the offer. 

I still can’t believe they couldn’t go to TIFF and this movie won’t be able to get a Academy nomination.

"season four is jessica lange’s last season"


She says that since season two, i guess.


3 paragraph story


After long day at work I finally got time to get home. What I saw I could never unsee again even if I wanted to. And frankly I want to remember her this way for the rest of my life. 

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Well bandathebillie tagged me to show what i was doing. 

And i’m trying to pick a new theme for my tumblr, the one i use looks problematic on nightly. :( 

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New outtakes of Jennifer Lawrence for Dior (2014)

IN LOVE with her dress in the last picture

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Another fan with Nick.
"@equalsthemovie Credits: @clarissajohn"

Another fan with Nick.

"@equalsthemovie Credits: @clarissajohn"

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Hahaha! Kathrine Heigl wishes! 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was some serious buuuuurn on Kathrine Heigl



do you ever just feel like


Omg all the time.

I DON’T EVEN… Taylor Swift on tumblr is gold

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